Top Job Interview Questions

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What are common job interview questions?  This can be answered in a variety of ways. 

Employers ask a set of questions to see if you have what they need to perform a job function. At the same time, you can ask the employer questions about the job.  Click here to get the What to Ask in a Job Interview: guide and form. The form is included in the Chronological Resume package.   

How many and the nature of  job interview questions depends on position responsibilities, company, title, time for the interview, who is asking questions, and if the interviewer is asking from a “cheat sheet” of what to ask.

However, the more important question is “How to answer job interview questions?”  

This list was compiled from what I have seen over the years.

Watch This Short Video on 5 Hard Interview Questions.  You can do this!

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From a hiring manager’s treasure chest, here are some “real-world” job interview questions: 

1.  Please explain the gaps in your work history

2.  Why should we hire you?

3.  What did you like about your last position/job?

4.  Why did you leave your last position/job?

5.  How do you describe your leadership style?

6.  What experience from your last job is relatable to this position?

7.  How do you handle conflict in the workplace?

8.  How do you manage/handle a disgruntled employee?

9.  How do you handle/work in a changing environment?

10.  Why are you interested in working for this company?

11.  What about this position interests you?

12.  What did you like least about your last position, supervisor or employer?

13.  What is your greatest professional strength?

14.  Name a weakness 

15.  What are you looking for in your ideal position?

16.  What do you think is a reasonable salary or rate for this position?

17.  Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?

18.  What would you do if saw someone steal something in the workplace?

19.  Do you work best in a team or individual environment?

20.  Why are you changing careers?

Review this list carefully, because an employer will ask at least one or more of these questions.

The advantage you have is, that the interviewer has limited time for an interview. Whew! Of course, they will not ask ALL these questions, but you have this list to review and practice your answers. Click here to learn more about how to answer  job interview questions.  

There are several other interview questions that could be asked.  An employer will ask questions to help determine if your work experience, accomplishments, education and personality would be a good fit for the position and company.  This means there are other unique questions that are not on this list, that only an employer will ask regarding your background. If you don't know how to answer an unexpected question just take a moment, relax your mind and proceed.

There are several resources online to help you handle anxiety, relax and breathe before and during an interview.   

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