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The intent of a cover letter is to highlight your credentials and summarize your resume. Having your credentials in an appropriate cover letter format, helps present your talents and skills in an easy to follow outline.

 The ultimate goal is to motivate the employer to read your resume and contact you for a job interview.

Here is a definition of a cover letter according to Wikipedia

"A cover letter, covering letter, motivation letter, motivational letter, or a letter of motivation is a letter of introduction attached to or accompanying another document such as a résumé or a curriculum vitae". 

Cover Letter Format Example

A professional cover letter format is simple.  No pictures or fancy lines. The content of the letter is what will attract employers. 

The components are:

  • Date of letter
  • Name and address of who letter is going to
  • Greeting: "Dear...." or "To Whom It May concern"
  • RE or Reference: "Cover letter for Customer Service Position"
  • Body and objective
  • Closing
  • Closing Salutation
  • Your name and information

It is important to note that your picture should not be on a cover letter.  A picture could interrupt the ATS algorithm and bypass your resume. Bye-bye job interview!

A cover letter should encourage the employer to take an interest into your job skills, and talents, not distracting graphics.  If you have a professional social media or url link with your credentials or portfolio, please include that in the body of the cover letter.  

Sample Cover Letter Format

cover letter format example

Why You Need More Than A Cover Letter 

cover letter format indeed resume cv examples cv template for students cv format for jobs
job letter of interest
job follow up email

You need more than just a cover letter to assist with your job search and applying online.  You need the whole package.

Wait! What does that mean, the "whole package"? 

The whole Professional Job letter Bundle. 

The Job Letter Bundle includes:

  • Job Cover Letter
  • Job Follow-up Email (letter)
  • Job inquiry Email or Job Letter of Interest 
  • Letter Tracker

You may be asking, do I really need all this?  YES! Yes, you do.  If you want a job you have to put in the work and make efforts to get noticed.

Often there are hundreds of applicants for one job. ONE! You want to stand out by not only submitting the correct cover letter format, but a follow up and job inquiry email at the right time.

The bundle includes these time saving tools and will help keep you organized. 

The letter templates are editable in a .doc format. 


The blue text in the templates are sections you want to insert your information such as job skills, your name, telephone number, etc. You then change the font color to black. Easy! 

The tracker has a sample entry to show you how it is done. Easy! All the templates include keywords for ATS systems, read friendly font and written to remind employers how qualifies you are for the job.  YOU GOT THIS.

Professional Job Letter Bundle 


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