Articles: Job Search Tips For Interviews and Career Seekers

job search tips for interviews, career seekers, resume objectives, and resume action verbs as well.  Best cover letter examples

Below are job advice articles and information to help navigate your way to your next job. The articles provide helpful resources and information to think about and review. Happy reading! 

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Job Affirmations

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Job Hunting Facts

Job Tips For Interviews

Each article contains real-world job advice and key points for interviews. Again, the suggestions are based upon gathering information from employers, observations, and job seeker data collection.  

Please take time to review each article to better help navigate your interview process.  You are worth it!  Your interview is coming soon.


Virtual Interview

Explore how to prepare for a virtual job interview.  This educational article will help elevate your interviewing skills for a successful interview that could lead to employment.  You can do this!

virtual interview tips for students, job applications online is important for job search success like for indeed and linkedin

How To Prepare For A Job Interview

You may have the qualifications and skills they are after, but how you do in an interview can determine if you get a job offer or not.

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Interview Questions and Answers

Employers ask a set of questions to see if you have what they need to perform a job function. At the same time, you can ask the employer questions about the job.

TopInterviewQuestions and career sidekicks are important to balance your income, career fairs are a great way to seek employment

Top Job Interview Questions

Job interview questions and answers can be a mystery. Don’t worry, we will not let you fall down the rabbit hole and into the twilight zone.

Phone interview and career tips, career builder for students and entry-level resumes for college students

Are You Prepared For A Phone Interview?

A job interview on the phone is often is a first interview or the meeting could be a screening by a recruiter, to determine if your application will move to next step of the interview process. 


Learn to power of a followup email after an interview!

Sending an email 24 hour to 3 days after an interview can help you stand out and lead toward a job interview.

Job Search Advice: Resumes and Cover Letters

Writing a resume and cover letter can be like figuring out a puzzle to see what will fit and stick.  The articles were developed to help you think about and choose the correct resume format and cover letter. 

The job advice regarding these topics will provide insight into resumes and cover letters.  If you want resume and cover letter template that is editable in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, please click here for resume templates.

words are powerful

Why Using Resume Action Words (Action Verbs) Will  Empower Your Job Search

Using resume action words highlights your skills and responsibilities and will help get you noticed by AI job search databases.  You can do this! 

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How To Write A Cover Letter

Within 4 to 6 seconds of viewing (not reading), a cover letter will determine if the resume is worth reading. I said reading, not skimming. 

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Which Resume Format Is Best?

There are a few options when it comes to a business resume. 

resume format for freshers, resume formate for job interview

How To Build A Resume

How to build a resume that will get noticed by hiring managers is a common question amongst job seekers. 

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