Are you prepared for a job search?

Do you have a resume and cover letter that will attract AI job search databases?

No job interviews?

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You have great skills and credentials, however, you cannot get a job interview because your resume (CV) and cover letter are ignored. 

AI job search is here!

What Will Do For You?

With easy to use DIY templates, you will learn how to prepare for a job correctly.

You will have access to templates that professional resume writers use!

You just want a job and earn money.  We get it!

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    Start Here With Prepare For A Job Search or "get hired" Tools

    Several resumes and cover letters are rejected because they are in the wrong format or do not include keywords that match job descriptions.

    The ATS keywords included in the bundles are the most common words and phrases that are programmed into job search databases. Employers are searching for these words and phrases on your resume to match their job descriptions.  No keywords, no job interview.

    A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) use is growing among employers to look for job candidates. 

    Are you ready?

     Let's get started!

    Prepare For A Job Educational Videos

    Learn 14 job search facts that will change how you look for a job!

    Learn What is a Chronological Resume

    Top Interview Questions that every jobseeker must know.


    Prepare For a Job Tools

    You will learn why you need an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly resume, and how to build a resume that will get noticed by AI and ATS job search databases.

    You will have a "sneak peak" into hiring practices and secrets on how to prepare for a job. 

    Learn how easy it is to get noticed and get pass AI job search databases!

    Some tools include:

    • ATS Resume Templates or (CV format templates)
    • Job Tracking sheet
    • Letter Tracker
    • Thank you Letter template
    • Professional Cover Letter Templates
    • Job letter of interest 
    • 195 resume action words 
    • What To Ask On an Interview Guide and Form (Fan Favorite)
    • Job interview practice (see coaching services below)
    • DIY templates in .doc format


    a Simple Resume Format is the best professional cv format for executive resume writing.
    Learn More About The Best Seller
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    Why are Prepare For A Job Tools different?

    Instead of providing just one resume and one cover letter, each do-it-yourself (DIY) template bundle includes multiple tools. 

    The easy to use templates are designed for you. Why? Because we want to help you get a job with the correct format.  We have gathered what employers are looking for on a resume, cover letter, job letter of interest and more. The language in each letter and template is crafted to help get you noticed.

    As a former hiring professional, all this juicy information is packaged for you in different bundles!

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    cover letter format indeed resume cv examples

    Job Letters (One of our top sellers!)

    Click here to get started with job letters 

    Professional letters will help you stand out among thousands of job applicants

    Sending the correct letter, at the right time will help remind employers of who you are, your skills, and how you can be an asset to their organization. 

    How To Use Tools

    1. REVIEW and SELECT

    jobs in USA that pay well job coach near me in America job search coach job services online career coach usa cv format for job executive coach resume templates

    Select a template package that best matches where you are in your career and job search. 


    Cv resume format how-to-build-a-resume-cover letter thank you job search sites near me job search sites in usa top job portals in usa how to get a job with no experience entry level resumes

    After a purchase is confirmed, you will be led to download a ZIP file containing your tools (templates are in .doc files).

    3. EDIT

    ATS resume template word is available on this job search website ats resume checker free Is my resume ats friendly interview thank you note etiquette job inquiry letter cover letter email sample

    Enter your information pertaining to your employment history. The resume and cover letter templates include sample entries to get your started.

    Prepare For A Job Resources and Services

    Career advice best resume help rewrite resume service near me top career coaches near me cv format for graduate students keywords-for-cover letter for job seekers

    Job Tips

    The informative articles include how to prepare for a job interview, how to dress for a job interview and more.

    Click Here For Job Tips
    new job hire cv-format-for-students-job thank-you-card-thank-you-letter-3-days-after-interview-ats resume keywords

    Job Search

    You do not have to go far to begin your job search. Click on the link below to explore job opportunities.

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    affordable job interview practice or mock interview service and job interview coaching mock interview practice

    Job Coaching Services include customized resumes, resume makeovers, cover letters, business letters, and job interview practice. 

    Mock interviews are designed as a safe place to practice your interviewing skills and lead toward employment.

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    "The Chronological bundled was much more details than expected. Thank you." - Jason, Colorado


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    Love the Keywords!

    "The keywords are ones that I never thought of and believe that helped with getting an interview." - Jessica, California

    Love the forms!

    "The forms are helpful in keeping track of jobs. I applied for so many and it helps" - Tina, Washington


    "Affordable. Someone wanted to charge $200 to write a resume, here I get a lot more for less.  Great value. Thanks!" - Jay, Wisconsin


    "Keywords, Keywords and more Keywords!" - Jess, Main

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    "I graduated from college, but I didn't learn what this website taught me. I feel comfort with my job hunt now. Thanx!"  - Ethan A.

    "Thank you! I didn't think about what to ask on an interview. It helped calm me, knowing that I was prepared."  - Catherine S.

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