Do You Have Tools To Prepare For A Job?

Helping you look and prepare for a job the right way!


Are you tired of getting your cover letter and resume REJECTED, again and AGAIN?

Do you want to know how to get your resume noticed that leads to a job?

This job site transforms your job search experience, with affordable "real world" tools.

Professional and effortless templates are written for you to save you time and money!

What will Prepare For A Job Site Do For You?

You will gain access to secrets collected from hiring professionals with over 25 years experience. Realistic job search information has been gathered for you, with the target of landing a job.

One of the best ways to achieve this is with an ATS friendly resume. You can conduct your job search here on this site.

Watch this short video to learn what is an ATS, and why you need a resume in the correct format.

You do not want just ANY resume format. You want a resume that leads to a job interview. The ATS resume package contains 195 keywordsfor resumes and cover letters.

If you are tired of getting your resume and cover letter thrown in the trash, keep reading.

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This job site provides "real world" solutions to the frustration of job hunting.  School does not teach that it is a "job", looking for a job the right way.  

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ATS friendly resume format How to write a letter of resignation.

"Using the ATS resume and cover letter helped get my 3rd job interview and now I have to chose between 3 job offers!  Thanks!"  - Thad K.

"Creating my resume was very easy. The templates and trackers are very helpful with my job hunt.."  - Danica N. 

"I graduated from colllege, but they didn't learn what this website taught me. I feel comfort with my job hunt now. Thanx!"  - Ethan A. 

What makes prepare for a job site different?


Instead of providing just one resume and one cover letter, each package contains practical tools (documents) to help with your job search.

Some of these tools are:

  • Job Inquiry Letter
  • Keywords for resumes
  • What To Ask In An Interview Guide and form
  • Various resumes styles, articles and more!

We have a "sneak peak" into hiring practices and secrets to an Application Tracking Systems (ATS)What this means to you, is that all the "good stuff" that hiring managers look for, are included in tools to help lead you to a new job!

How To Use Prepare For A Job Tools


Select a package that best matches where you are in your career and job search. The templates are written for you. There is no "thinking" involved. 


Cv resume format how-to-build-a-reusme

After purchase is confirmed, you will be led to download a ZIP file containing your tools (documents).


Enter your information pertaining to your employment history. The resume and cover letter templates provide a sample entry with keywords to get your started.

The style and design of the resume templates are most often selected by hiring managers. 

ATS Resume Format Package



"As a student with multiple jobs, the ATS resume pack has helped me with applying for jobs on campus. I do not have time to build a resume from scratch!" - Sandra C., Florida

Affordable. Thanks!

"I can not afford expensive resume writers, and this pack helped me with online job apps!" -   Milton L., Washington

Keywords are a gamer changer!

"Love the keywords document! It helps!"  - Candice Q., Nebraska

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The packages were designed with what, you, the jobseeker would need for a job search journey.  Yes, looking for a job is a journey! You are not alone. 

Resume and cover letters are written for you.

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