How to Build A Resume

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How to build a resume that will get noticed by hiring managers is a common question amongst job seekers. There are several options of how to do complete this task. 

Some free resume builders do not include sections that pertain to you or are not adjustable.  Job resume formats can be subjective, to a point.  However, this page describes what sections are included to build a business resume. 

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Here are the sections to build a resume:

Header/Contact Information Section

This section is just the beginning of how to build a resume. Include your name, city, state, email address, telephone number, any website links to your portfolio, if applicable.  Icons are not necessarily as this is an example of a stylized header. 

Profile Summary

This section is also known as a professional objective. This is common in a business resume format.  This includes a general summary of your career, accomplishments, and sometimes the type of position you are seeking. Think of this section as an advertisement or marketing header in a newspaper for your credentials. The summary is an important component for how to build a resume, as it provides an introduction of your abilities.   It is recommended to keep this section between 2 and 4 sentences. See sample below:

“Client focused Executive with international travel experience. Over 10 years of proved track record of managing multiple client accounts and maintain communication with teams to implement customer relationship management systems. Strengths include business analysis, and successful in resolving clients’ concerns and provide business solutions.”

How To Build a Resume Accomplishments Section

These bulleted statements provide measurable accomplishments. Using percentages, and numbers provides detailed insight of achievements in past positions. See the Build A Resume package for applicants that may not have may accomplishment to include on a resume. This sections is an important part of how to build a resume for chronological and executive resume formats.  See the following example below.

Technical Skills

Don’t assume, the interviewer will assume, that you know how to use Microsoft Word because you have a resume.  List your technical skills related to position. You can combine technical and business skills in the same section. See below:

Employment History

This is the main part of how to build a resume. This section contains job titles, company names, dates of employment, city and state of where position was held, responsibilities statement and/or bulleted accomplishments.


Education is summarized in chronological order, with your highest degree first. It is not required to include all your education. Include education that would assist in the position or would gain the attention of a hiring manager and application tracking system.  

Certifications/Affiliations/Special Training

Include certifications, on the job training, list languages, associations, such as Toastmasters, etc. and special talents that are related to position for which you are applying to.  This section is not required for learn how to build a resume.  This would be pleasant extras that would compliment your credentials.

This section is great to ask questions back to the interviewer regarding their experience and/or affiliations.  Also, you do want to be prepared with potential job interview questions and answers.

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