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What Resume Template Should I Choose?

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The most popular option is the ATS Friendly package. Why? 

Most employers use online job search sites. These sites use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to determine which resume has keywords pertaining to their job posting.  The contents of a simple resume template is quickly transferred into an online job application. 

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ATS Friendly


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Modern Chronological Resume (1 Page)

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Modern Chronological Resume (2 Page)

indeed jobs
ats resume format
Resume writing

Job Contact Form

ats resume format
resume writer

Entry-Level Resume, Style 1

Resume examples
Resume examples
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Entry-Level Resume, Style 2

Resume Templates
Resume Templates
Apply online

Modern Cover Letter

Job interview outfits
professionally written

Cover Letter, Basic 

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resume writing job package summary

What To Ask In An Interview

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resume skills

Thank you Letter

job interview thank you email

Follow Up Letter

job interview tips
CV format for job

Job Search Letter

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Letter Tracker

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ATS Keywords 

ATS Chronological Resume, Style 1

job descriptions for job seekers administrative assistant resume

ATS Chronological Resume, Style 2

cover letter examples
resume professionals resume helper for job seekers

ATS Chronological Resume, Style 3

no experience resume
cover letter tips

Resume Template Summary

Each template was put together with a specific purpose in mind. The affordable packages are put together by a hiring professional and resume writer.  I have seen personally what resume will get noticed after going through the ATS process.  

Each resume template is editable.  Looking for a job is a learning process. This includes learning about the interview process and job interview questions and how to answer them. You will need more than a resume template.  

Your job search begins with having the right tools to begin this journey.  Yes, a job search is a journey.  Resume templates, interview attire, cover letters, job tracker (FREE with sign to receive tools updates), forms, and guides are all tools to help look for a job.

You are not alone.  You can do this!  Help is here.  

How To Use Templates


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Select a template package that best matches where you are in your career and job search. 


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After a purchase is confirmed, you will be led to download a ZIP file containing your tools (templates are in .doc files).


ATS resume template word is available on this job search website ats resume checker free Is my resume ats friendly interview thank you note etiquette job inquiry letter cover letter email sample

Enter your information pertaining to your employment history. The resume and cover letter templates include sample entries to get your started.

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