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    Why A Job Application Tracker?

    This job seeker tool is your best friend when you are looking for a job. 

    You do not want to apply to the same job twice.  

    As a hiring manager, my team and I have seen job applicants apply to the same job twice.  This is not good.

    Why? Because the assumed conclusions are:

    "How can we trust this person to be organized enough to handle confidential information?"


    "It is a risk to hire this person, if they can not keep track of what job they are applied for.  How are they going to keep track of financial information? We could lose money!" 

    That is a reality check!  Those are real comments from hiring managers.  

    Resume and jobs
    job search websites how to make a good resumes

    I understand as a job seeker you want to get hired as soon as possible, correct?  You MUST be prepared.  

    As a hiring professional, I have had several resumes and cover letters on my desk and know what will get my attention.

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