About PrepareForAJob.Com

Hi!  I am Hanna!

I transform job search experiences with practical "real world" tools with the target of landing a job.

For over 25 years, I have personally interviewed and hired candidates, and want to share what I have learned and collected about the job search journey.  Think of this site as a job navigation system.

Prepareforajob.com is an online resource where job seekers find practical tools and advice to enhance their job search skills and abilities. 

The goal of Prepareforajob.com is to help navigate the job search journey as painless as possible.

Job Search Tools

You wouldn’t drive across country without a Global Positioning Service (GPS) or map, so why look for a job without one? Hummm?

Resumes, letters, trackers, and e-books are developed by professional resume writers and crafted into affordable packages by hiring managers, to help guide your job search. 


Resumes, employment letters, and tracker/forms are developed in Microsoft Word.  They are compatible with both Windows and iOS operation systems.


Packages were developed based upon different phases in a job seeker’s career. Each package may be used at the discretion of the job seeker depending on where they are in their career and job search journey. All the packages (Build A ResumeChronological, Career Change/ATS, Executive, and Student) were carefully designed and developed, from what experts have seen, what is lacking and what items that would help the job seeker get an interview!

The ATS (Application Tracking System) and buzz word guide are job search gold for applying for jobs online. Managers allow the tracking system to do the hard work for them and scan resumes with specific keywords and invite those candidates to an interview.  

The packages are built upon the previous one as a job seeker advances in their career.  The Ultimate package includes previous packages and some extras! This is a favorite amongst seasoned professionals, as it provides the best value. Visit each product page and take us with you on your search journey! 

Hope you enjoyed visiting Prepareforajob.com and that you find  the tools helpful!  Developing new tools and packages is an ongoing process.  Please sign up to receive email notifications for new products, articles and fresh ideas of how to look and keep a job.

Please contact me for any questions, comments, requests or suggestions!