Why you should send a follow up email after interviews

A follow up email after interview is a great way to make the most of your job search experience, and they help create a strong professional presence amongst employers.

This is a great way to stand out among thousands of job seekers. This is soft, yet impactful way to leave a lasting impression on employers.

This article discusses how to follow up after a job interview, including strategies for staying in the hiring manager's mind and expressing your gratitude.

It has been shown that employers tend to hire candidates who take addition interest in a position by sending a follow up email or thank you email after an interview. 

When to send a follow up email after interviews?

follow up email after interview can be used just like a thank you email after interview

Candidates should also consider following up over the phone as well as email. By mastering sending follow up emails after interviews will leave a lasting impression on employers and increase your chances of getting the job.

If the employer does not provide when they will follow up with you, send a follow up email after interview three or four days after the interview.

However, if you haven't heard back from them after two weeks, then it would be appropriate for you to reach out again.

It is important to rewind a little bit and remember the timeline that you had given the interviewer. You can send a subsequent follow up email to check in on your job interview process.

What does a follow up email after interviews look like?

Sample follow up email or letter template

job follow up email after interview and thank you email after an interview can help you stand out especially having a correct cover letter format that will help make you look like a professional. Sometimes you may not need job references.

A follow up email after interview, can be written in an editing software, then copied and pasted in an email.

The structure looks the same as a cover letter

You may also send the follow up email as an attachment. Due to some employers email and security systems, it is recommended, to copy, paste and send as an attachment. Some employers screen and may not able to accept attachments from unknown email addresses.

The structure of a follow letter:

  • Subject: Follow Up To Interview Letter
  • Dear: (Use Mr., Ms. etc.) It is important to address your interviewer formally.
  • Opening paragraph indicating what you are seeking: " The purpose of this letter is to follow up on our meeting regarding....." OR "It has been a few days since the interview with you at (enter company name) and..."
  • Bulleted list of some of your main skills relating to job and interview
  • Closing paragraph with your contact information, links to your portfolio, etc. 
  • Closing salutation: Regards, Sincerely, etc.

A professional follow up email (letter) is included in the ATS bundle and is written for you. 

Other topics to include in a follow up email after interviews


If you receive a better offer from another employer, inform the interviewers about this as well. Sometimes this may result in the employer offering an increase in the original offer.

It is also important to check in with the recruiter or potential employer after sending your follow up email. You can politely request an update on their decision-making process and inform them of any relevant changes that may have occurred since your interview (e.g., if you've obtained additional skills or knowledge).

A follow up email can also be used as a thank you email after interview as well.  Just be careful how you craft the letter and not to "beg" for a job.

Who to send a follow up email after interviews

Include the following people in your follow up email after interviews:

  • Hiring team as a whole
  • Recruiter if one contacted you for the position 
  • Individual interviewer

Every interview is different and you may have one interview or 3 or 4 interviews for the position.

The message should remind them of your: 

  • Experience related to job
  • Education
  • Skills
  • How and why you would be an asset to them and organization
  • Your contact information
  • Link to your portfolio or online professional profile

You can also ask about the next steps in the hiring process and when you can expect to hear back from them.

The email should be polite and professional, thanking them for their time and reiterating your interest in the position. When you send this email, make sure to include the date of your interview and the name of the interviewer that you spoke with, so they can easily find your records.

When writing a follow up message email after interviews, avoid being too pushy or sounding rude in any way; simply ask for an update on the status of your interview and thank them for their time and consideration.


Lastly, let them know that you understand that interviews take time but if they have more questions about you, please let them know. Include an expression of reference to something discussed during the interview as this will remind them of your conversation and displays your interest in the job.

A follow up email after interviews (or a thank you email after interviews) can elevate your job search experience.

Be patient and realize there may be other job applicants competing for the same job.  Sending a follow up email after the interview and a thank you email after interview gives the appearance that you are a true professional.  

The professional letters bundle includes a follow up email after interview template.  The template is written for you with the appropriate and professional words and phrases that will be appealing to employer.  

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