Which Business Resume Format Will You Choose? 

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There are a few options when it comes to a business resume.  Depending on where you are in your career, education, job search or combination will determine which one to use.

A Chronological resume is the most common business resume format.

Why? Because hiring managers are looking for a historical account of your work history.  Hiring Managers are looking for a stable work history; meaning little to no gaps in employment. During the interview you can explain gaps in your resume.  Click here to review job interview questions.  Also, you can review job interview questions and answers to assist with your interview skills.

Business Resume Formats

Student Resume 

Students will use this resume while they are attending High School or a University. 

This format will highlight academic achievements, volunteer activities, awards, talents, skills, and usually any “freelance” jobs  or “gigs” such as baby sitting, yard work or other jobs while attending school.  

Yes, a student resume is considered a business resume format, because you will be performing a task in exchange for money, which is business.

A student resume is in the development process.  For now, you may use the entry-level resume format.  

Entry Level Resume 

This resume is used by individuals with little (usually less than 2 years) to no work experience.  Additional to a profile summary, education, and skills, this resume will highlight awards, volunteer activities and responsibilities. It is a good idea to highlight these areas especially if a job seeker is applying for a job for the first time or has had less than two years of work experience.  This business resume format is great for someone who is starting their career. 

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Chronological Resume Most used business resume format!

This format provides a historically reference for your work experience.  Your most recent  position will be on top, indicated by month and year to your oldest on the bottom. 


Customer Service Agent, Company 123,     09/16 - 0/4-19

Customer Representative, XYZ Company,   03/14 - 09/16

The Chronological package contains Keywords that are built into resume templates.  You would need to modify the descriptions that best describes your experience. 

This business resume format is popular amongst hiring managers, and is noticed by Application Tracking Systems (ATS) for applying to jobs online

A chronological resume and employment letters are included in packages to assist you with your job search. Click here to learn more. 

Changing Careers Resume

This resume highlights transferable skills related to a position in a different career or industry other than the dominant industry outlined on the resume. The skills section typically is labeled as "Transferable or Related Skills". 

During an interview or pre-screening of a candidate, is the time to explain the change in careers and your interest in the company and position.

This business resume format will look similar to a chronological resume, including profile, education and achievements.  A job seeker using this format is looking for a position in a different career. 

Executive Resume

Usually CEOs, upper management, and seasoned professionals will use this business resume format.  This resume chronicles job titles and dates similar to previous formats, with a greater emphasis on accomplishments, certifications, professional affiliations and provides summaries instead of several bullet points. Bullet points still may be used, where appropriate.  Often, an executive and chronological resume formats can be combined into one resume. 

The Ultimate package includes an executive resume, chronological resume and previous tools from other packages. 

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Resume formats will vary.  There is no hard or fast rule of exactly how a resume format should be.  There is room for flexibility.  If you are not part of a volunteer organization or affiliated with professional organizations, then remove that section.  You may also add sections that apply to you and your experience. 

The most important information that an employer is looking for is if you can perform the job based upon what is on a resume and interview.  This means a "super" fancy resume will not always get you in the door, unless you are interviewing for a resume writer position.  It helps, however, experience, credentials, appropriate interview attire and interview skills all contribute to getting hired. 

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