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Entry-Level Resume Package Introduction

It is easy to build a resume with the Entry-Level resume package! 

This package consists of templates designed (font size, spaces, words used and placement of text) for an entry-level or student applicant in mind. This is the perfect student resume package.  If you are starting your career or job search for the first time, this is the package for you!

However, any job applicant may use this format with adjustments. It is recommend to advance to the Chronological or ATS package if you have had more than one job and at least 4 years experience.

Entry-Level Resume Package



"I got the job. The interview question cheat sheet really helped ask follow up questions.  I get nervous and don't know what to ask the employer during an interview."  - Malik

Helped this student

"After graduation I received 3 job interview requests from my resume. thanks!" - Jessica R., 

Entry-Level Package Benefits!

1. Resumes Templates

  • Two resume styles 
  • Two, one-page, entry-level resumes
  • Resumes are written for you. The formats are an editable Microsoft Word document.  All you need to do is enter your name, email, job titles and description, and responsibilities.
  • Resume sections include: Profile, Contact Information, Education, Technical Skills, Experience, References and Awards/Volunteer Activities
  • Written by a professional resume writer
  •  Easy and best way to build a resume is a clean and easy to use template.

2. Cover Letter

  • The bulleted sections in the letter will allow a hiring manager to quickly identify your skills related to the position.  In the “real world” managers receive several resumes and cover letters, and often do not read every single word – do not take it personal.   A cover letter is a must have for this package. 
  • The cover letter is written for you.  All you need to do is enter your name, email and appropriate information that pertains to you.  

3. Job Contact Form

  • Excellent tool to keep track of who contacts you (or you contact a potential employer) for a job interview. When it is time to follow up, you do not want to contact the wrong person, for the wrong position. This tracker is must have for the Build a Resume package, to help keep your contact information organized.

Basic Resume Template Package Instructions

  • Upon confirmed payment by our payment processor, you will be able to download your package immediately. You will receive an email confirmation on behalf of
  • Secured payments are processed through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • The Download will include FOUR separate Microsoft Word files:  Entry-level resume Style 1, Entry-Level: Style 2, Cover Letter, Job Contact Form  


  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word
  • Any program that can read Microsoft Word files (.doc) - depending on what version or software you have, formatting may be need to be adjusted 
  • Compatible with Windows and iOS (Mac) operating systems 


For support, please Contact Us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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