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There are a variety of resume format packages that will meet your needs, below is a summary  to compare which ones meet your needs.

They designed with what a jobseeker would need to compliment their job search journey.  Yes, looking for a job is a journey! You are not alone.

Resume and cover letters are written for you in Microsoft Word.

Resume Format Summary

Entry Level Package

This package is great for developing a student resume, entry level jobs and beginning your career. The package has more than enough documents to meet your needs.  Again, all documents were developed in Microsoft Word. 

Basic Chronological Package

Have a few years experience? This package is for you.

This resume package includes everything in the entry level package and some extras.  The resume is chronological in format. This means a more historical outline with the most recent position at top.

ATS Package

Application Tracking System or ATS friendly resumes are included. This means a format that attracts ATS systems and hiring managers when applying for jobs online.  This package includes our 195 keywords that are programmed in an ATS.  This is the secret sauce! Visit the product page and learn why the is a fan favorite!


This is perfect for wanting all the packages.  You may ask, why would you need all the previous packages.  You never know when your career or job status may change.  Several people have gotten laid off and wonder how to change their resumes to simply get job to survive.  By having all the resumes, covers letters, other letters (email templates) as part of your arsenal, you will be better equip to adapt to a changing workforce.

Resume Format Packages

Student resume summary examples, entry level resume template, resume writing


For student resumes and starting career

  1. Entry-Level Resume Template, Style 1
  2. Entry-Level Template, Style 2
  3. Cover Letter Template, basic
  4. Job Contact Form

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Business Resume Format


For having 4 plus years of experience

Everything in the Entry-level package

  1. Chronological Resume Template, with keywords
  2. Cover Letter Template, modern with keywords
  3. Instructions

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Application Tracking Systems, Changing Careers Resume, Functional resume format


  1. ATS Resume, Style 1
  2. ATS Resume, Style 2
  3. ATS Resume, Style 3
  4. Modern Resume 
  5. Cover Letter, basic
  6. Follow Up Letter
  7. Job Search Letter
  8. Letter Tracker
  9. 198 ATS keywords for Resumes and Cover Letters
  10. What To Ask In An Interview Guide and Form

Note: ATS friendly resumes are chronological in format

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Chronological Resume Template, resume builder


  1. 2 Modern Chronological Resumes
  2. Cover Letter, Style 2
  3. Thank you Letter


    Entry-Level Package

  1. Entry-Level, Style 1
  2. Entry-Level, Style 2
  3. Cover Letter, basic
  4. Job Contact Form



  1. ATS Resume, Style 1
  2. ATS Resume, Style 2
  3. ATS Resume, Style 3
  4. Modern Resume
  5. Follow Up Letter
  6. Job Search Letter
  7. Letter Tracker
  8. 198 ATS keywords 
  9. What To Ask In An Interview Guide

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Resume Format Reviews



"The Chronological bundled was much more details than expected. Thank you." - Jason, Colorado


"As a college student, the entry level pack really helps" - Mya, Texas

Love the Keywords!

"The keywords are ones that I never thought of and believe that helped with getting an interview." - Jessica, California

Love the forms!

"The forms are helpful in keeping track of jobs. I applied for so many and it helps" - Tina, Washington


"Affordable. Someone wanted to charge $200 just to write one resume, here I get a lot more for less.  Great value. Thanks!" - Jay, Wisconsin


"Keywords, Keywords and more Keywords!" - Jess, Main

"Creating my resume was very easy. The templates and trackers are very helpful with my job hunt.."  - Danica N. 

"I graduated from college, but they didn't learn what this website taught me. I feel comfort with my job hunt now. Thanx!"  - Ethan A. 

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