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Resume template and examples

When you apply for jobs online, you will need an Application Tracking System (ATS) friendly resume. 

An ATS is a software system that scans resumes for certain keywords and phrases related to the job opening. This helps managers narrow down candidates to fill positions. Think of it as a process of elimination for resumes.

An ATS resume includes keywords that hiring managers look for in credentials.  

 Resume and Cover Letter Templates 

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Resume Building resume and cover letter
Resume and Cover Letter Template

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    Resume and Cover Letter Package (templates) Includes:
  • ATS Resume Template, Style 1
  • ATS Resume Template, Style 2
  • ATS Resume Template, Style 3
  • Modern Resume Template
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Follow Up Letter Template
  • Job Search Letter Template
  • Letter Tracker
  • 195 ATS Keywords for Resumes and Cover Letters
  • What To Ask In An Interview Guide and Form

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"I can't afford expensive resume writers, and this pack helped me for online job apps!" -  Milton L., Washington

"As a student, the resume and cover pack has helped me with applying for jobs on campus, I have multiple jobs.  I don't have time to build a resume from scratch!" - Sandra C., Florida

"Love the keywords document! It helps!" - Candice Q., Nebraska

"I am retired and was nervous to write a resume and didn't know how to phrase my skills.  This helps when I apply online, especially when I have to copy and paste or upload my resume" - Larry G., Missouri

Benefits of Resume and Cover Letter Package
Ready to apply online? All templates are editable.

ATS Chronological Resumes (CV)

  • Basic and simple formatting to attract Application Tracking Systems (ATS) that companies use to determine which resume will continue in the hiring process. 
  • Actionable and achievable keywords that hiring managers and ATS look for are baked into the resumes.  These keywords are perfect for resume and cover letters!
  • The keyword document includes over 195 words that you can use interchangeably to describe your responsibilities and achievements.  Managers want to know what you did and how that can benefit the company or job position.
  • Resume sections are outlined clear, simple, and easy to read
  • The modern resume is great to use for in person job applications.  This impressive resume uses a hint of color to help your credentials stand out.  
  • 3 different ATS friendly resumes ready to use to apply online for jobs.  You can upload a resume to any online job application website (Indeed, Monster, etc.)  If you prefer to copy and paste your document you can do that without sacrificing time to reformat.
cover letter word template

All Letters are written for YOU.
All templates are editable.  Enter your information and you are ready to go!

Resume and Cover letter examples

Cover Letter

  • The blue text is there to draw your attention to areas that you need to update with your information.  Edit the Blue text to meet your needs; Change the blue text to black. The straight forward approach uses keywords to help hiring managers navigate your credentials. The cover letter is simple and basic and gets to the point.
  • The purpose of a cover letter is to highlight your credentials, and what you can do for the employer. If your cover letter is too long, your audience will skim and not read. Contents always wins! 

Follow Up Letter

  • It is suggested to send a follow up letter within 1 to 2 weeks after an interview. This letter is great to have when you have not heard from a hiring manager, and want to simply remind them of your continued interest in the position, skills and talents.  This will help you stand out amongst other applicants who do not make the extra effort. Edit the Blue text to meet your needs; Change blue text to black. You may reference any content included in your resume and cover letter.

Job Search Letter

  • This letter is great to send when you are looking for a job with an employer and may not have an exact job title in mind.  You can change the suggested text to your area of interest.
  • Given this letter is editable, you may modify the job title, enter your name, email address and other information pertaining to you. 
  • Often employers welcome this type of letter, along with a resume, as this saves them time and the cost of posting a job. You came to them!

Letter Tracker

  • When you apply online, it can be a quick process once you have the correct tools, such as your resume and cover letter ready to go.  This tracker is helpful to keep track of what letter was sent when, where, and to whom.   
  • You want to avoid sending a letter to the wrong employer, and sending the same letter twice. A sample entry is provided. 

What to Ask In An Interview Guide and Form

You will ample questions to ask during the interview.  The interviewer will ask you at some point, "Do you have any questions?"  You certainly do not want to say "no".  This could give the impression that you really not that interested in the position.  

Use this guide and form during the interview and take notes. The questions are on the page for you, all you have to do is ask the questions. Often people get nervous during an interview and not sure what to ask, these questions are general questions that will apply to any job. 

cover letter job sample tips for cover letters

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The download will include TEN separate Microsoft Word files: 

  • 3, ATS Chronological Resumes: Style 1, 2 and 3
  • Modern Resume
  • ATS Keywords
  • Cover Letter 
  • Follow Up Letter
  • Job Inquiry Letter
  • Letter Tracker
  • What To Ask In An Interview: Guide and Form 


  • Beginning to intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word
  • Any program that can read Microsoft Word files (.doc) depending on what version or software you have, formatting may be need to be adjusted on your end
  • Compatible with Windows and iOS (Mac) operating systems

resume skills
Resume and Cover Letter Template

Terms and Conditions: Due to fraudulent online shopping activities, all sales are final. There are no refunds and no exchanges.