Chronological Resume Template: Basic 

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Chronological Resume template

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The chronological resume template package (basic) includes one resume and one cover letter. 

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Please watch a short guide to see how to use the package. Running time 2:26 minutes

Chronological Resume Template: Basic 


  • Chronological Resume, with keywords
  • Cover Letter, with keywords


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“The word templates are super helpful and saved time to figure out how to write a resume.  I believed the keywords helped. I didn't know about keywords, until now. Thank you.  Affordable!" – Monica B., New Jersey

"Just wanted to give my feedback. Wow! This is the most helpful resume and cover letter documents that I have found. I got an interview! Looking forward to using the letters in the package!"- Jeffery K., Arizona

Chronological Resume Template: Basic Package Benefits

Resume Template

  • 1 chronological resume with Application Tracking System (ATS) keywords built in.  This is great for applying for job online.  
  • Editable 2 page resume.  If you do not need two pages, you can remove a position and job responsibilities block.
  • The bold text is to show Application Tracking System (ATS) keywords  You may use the keywords provided or enter your own that applies to your experience, then remove the bold text
  • Resume written by a hiring professional who speaks the "I want to hire this candidate" language

Cover Letter

  • The bulleted sections will allow a Hiring Manager to quickly identify your skills related to the position.  In the “real world” managers receive several resumes and cover letters, and often do not read every single word – do not take it personal.
  • Replace the blue text, with black text with your information.  Change the header text initials to your initials.
  • Written by a hiring professional


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  • The download will include TWO Microsoft Word files:  

1)  Chronological Resume 2-page 

2) Cover Letter - Style 2


  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word
  • Any program that can read Microsoft Word files (.doc) - depending on what version or software you have, formatting may be need to be adjusted 
  • Compatible with Windows and iOS (Mac) operating systems 


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